Feeling emotion one photo at a time {New Hampshire}


I'm Scared ..... No Sh*t .... We All Are

So I know you think that the ladies you see on my website all look amazing. Well, they are amazing!!

You probably think they all came in with stellar body confidence. That would be a lie. They were either a little nervous or scared sh*tless. That is true! What I can tell you is that each client leaves with this euphoric feeling. It’s what we like to call a boudoir high. My hope is that this feeling continues on for a long time.

This is why I LOVE wall art. They can be placed in your bedroom, bathroom, or even walk in closet. They are a great daily reminder that you are a beautiful goddess when the day to day life has you down.

The following photos are of my client who is a Burlesque dance. How fun! NSFW

Boudoir Session for L.C.

This beautiful client drove 2 hours for her boudoir session and I am so glad she did! These photos came out phenomenal and I am so glad she choose some that could be shared.

Starting with a sweater is the perfect way to ease into your boudoir session. Are you looking to book your own shoot? Click here to request info.

Located in Barrington, New Hampshire


What made you decide to book a session?

I applied for Nichole’s Boudie Call because I’ve always had dreams of being a model, I’d always watch Tyra Banks on tv and look up to her. But I was always too short and too curvy to be a “real model” so I would always volunteer for friends when they needed models. I’m a very sexual person with a big loud personality so I knew boudoir would be so much fun. I wanted to not only surprise my fiancé with a sexy present but also amaze myself with this opportunity. 

How were you feeling prior to your session?

I was feeling a little nervous but more excited! I couldn’t wait to get into all my cute lingerie and stick out my booty!

Describe your experience

My experience was flawless. I took the day off from work and got to the studio early. It was a cold windy day and Nichole’s studio felt so cozy and welcoming. I got my make up done and had a mimosa and relaxed and jokes around. I changed into my first outfit and Nichole told me exactly what to do! We had laughs as she tried to imitate the sexy poses she wanted me to do. The whole shoot flew by and I had a great time. I would love to get back there. 

How did you feel about yourself after your session? 

I feel like a confident hot mama! Whenever I see photos of myself that Nichole posts I honestly cannot believe that it’s me! I never thought I could look that good and sexy. It was the best and most fun confidence boost I could ever have. 

What advise would you give to a friend considering a session?

DO IT!! Do not worry about a thing. Nichole acts like your best friend pumping you up the whole time. I have zero regrets or complaints and I wouldn’t change a thing!

How was working with Nichole and the stylist?

They were both amazing! We all relaxed and joked around and it really gets you ready by glamming you up and making you feel like a billion bucks. 

Would you consider doing another session?

In a heart beat! I loved being able to personalize the shoot with my band tees and comfy lingerie. I literally wanna do this all the time. 

New Hampshire Boudoir Session

Another Repeat Client!!

"J" and I worked together about two years ago at another studio location I had.  I was so thrilled to be getting a chance to do another session with her.

Below are her images and words about her experience.

What made you decide to book a session?

I've done a boudoir session before and had set my heart on going a little more frisky this time around. I adore the work I've seen, especially lately. Nichole has done amazing things with sessions I've seen as well as mine and I felt compelled to throw myself into it again.


How were you feeling prior to your session?

The last session I did, I felt sexy and powerful. Nichole made me grasp another layer of my self confidence. I felt appealing and feminine in my skin


Describe your experience

Both sessions I've done included hair and makeup and a lot of laughter and good conversation even before the camera came out. The make up and hair were done by two [different] amazing artists. They hit my looks almost to the "T". I was comfortable going into the session. It was a great atmosphere and very comfortable, even when wearing very little.

The session was exciting and sexy. I trusted Nichole and her vision for my shoot. She made getting into some very uncomfortable positions very fun and I could feel my sex appeal rise to the occasion.

How did you feel about yourself after your session?

After both my sessions I felt like a friggin' model. There is nothing more sexy about getting undressed and barring all to a camera and feeling completely comfortable. Knowing that vulnerability transformed into strength and power and a rise in self confidence.


What advise would you give to a friend considering a session?

I would tell any woman of any size, shape, color, personality, to drop all inhibition and be who you've always longed to be. If you have always wanted to be a centerfold, stare down your self doubt and strut your sexy little self. If you want to be sassy, classy, enticing, naughty, playful or anything that you strive to be secretly... Be outward with it and let that she wolf right out.

Don't allow anything to hold you back. The studio is truly a judgement free zone without the treadmill.


How was working with Nichole and the stylist?

Both stylists I've had, have been amazing. I've had such a great time with all the ladies I've met. I felt as though I've known them and they were my girls.

Would you consider doing another session?

I would love doing another session. There are always things you think of afterward that you may want to try.

Anything else you would like to add?

These sessions really made a positive impact in my life. I've sent several people in to do sessions and I would send hundreds more.

To book your own session and to receive more info, email nicholegoldworthy@gmail.com

Studio is located in Barrington, New Hampshire next door to Calef's Country Store and across from The Christmas Dove.

Do I travel? Absolutely! I highly recommend getting a few girlfriends together to do a boudoir session.


Note: Some images are NSFW

A new thing happened recently. The studio got a new shower scene! You don't even have to get wet in this mock set-up. A recent session highlights just a few of the "outfit" ideas. My client started her session in a swimsuit, then a white tank top, and then nudes. You can wear all those ideas or just the ones you are most comfortable in.