Yup, that is me above!

Boudoir is all about rediscovering self esteem. Doing something for ME and no one else. I mean, sure there is a part of me that thought this would be a great gift for my husband. And it was.

Here I am every week session after session expecting my clients to get out of their comfort zone. To push their boundaries. But had I made those same terrifying choices? Nope. So I decided to change that and step out of my own comfort zone.

Boudoir photography gets us bit closer to giving permission to love ourselves. When you come in I can 100% promise that I am not looking at your stretch marks, extra weight, scars, whatever… I am looking at your gorgeous eyes, your amazing smile, and photographing the way your small of your back reaches your bottom. Or the spot where your shoulder and collarbone touches your neck.

You are a beautiful ART form and I am telling you it is okay to love yourself. I want us to be on this journey together.

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XOXO - Nichole