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“There is nothing more sexy than getting undressed and baring it all to a camera and feeling completely comfortable. Knowing that vulnerability transformed into strength, power, and a rise in self confidence.” Jess D.

Located in Barrington, New Hampshire



“It was a great atmosphere and very comfortable, even when wearing very little. The session was exciting and sexy. I trusted Nichole and her vision for my shoot. She made getting into some very uncomfortable positions very fun and I could feel my sex appeal rise to the occasion.”

“Despite initially feeling incredibly self conscious she made me feel beautiful (which is something to say as I have never felt comfortable with myself) I would without a doubt recommend her for anything for anyone!!!”

“Every woman should experience this at least once in her life time (if not more)! Nichole and her makeup/hair artist were so much fun to chat with in the beginning! I felt so pampered and very comfortable for the shoot. Nichole is professional, yet goofy at times, which is so relaxing and refreshing! She instructs you every step of the way and by the time you're done you want to keep going!”

“I honestly can not recommend Nichole and her services enough! I was a little nervous going into it. But after just chatting with her and the hair and makeup artist for an hour or two while sipping a mimosa and getting all dolled-up, all of my anxiety was gone! I never thought I’d be that comfortable half naked in front of someone I’ve never met (with a camera)!”