A New Hampshire Couple's Boudoir Experience

What made you decide to book a session?

I actually saw some of her work on Facebook and loved the way she captured the hidden confidence we all have but are afraid to let shine. I know I have it in there and it shines most when I’m with or around my husband. He makes me feel amazing and beautiful!

 How were you feeling prior to your session?

Honestly I was excited! Doing a couples boudoir shoot was so fun and Nichole is a blast ! Made us feel like ourselves and let us be as silly as we are normally with no uptight feelings.

 Describe your experience

 How did you feel about yourself after your


I felt beautiful! The hair and makeup is not something I do well with so I went after our shoot by work and my co-workers were like “your so pretty!” Pampering yourself once in a while is so necessary! 

 What advise would you give to a friend considering a


Do it!! Because the nerves before melt away once you pick outfits and get laughing with Nichole and loosen up to the fun and end product, which is amazing! 

 How was working with Nichole and the stylist?

 Would you consider doing another session?

Nichole and the stylist were like hanging out with old friends and chatting it up over drinks!

Fun and relaxing!

 Anything else you would like to add?

Seeing the comments on the ladies only page was flattering and because Nichole really did capture how we feel about each other in those pictures !


A Couple’s Boudoir Experience is available to those ladies that I have photographed in the past. These shoots can be as relaxed or as sensual as you are comfortable doing. Located in Barrington, New Hampshire. Private studio offering professional hair + makeup as well as a lingerie wardrobe.


New Hampshire Boudoir Session

Another Repeat Client!!

"J" and I worked together about two years ago at another studio location I had.  I was so thrilled to be getting a chance to do another session with her.

Below are her images and words about her experience.

What made you decide to book a session?

I've done a boudoir session before and had set my heart on going a little more frisky this time around. I adore the work I've seen, especially lately. Nichole has done amazing things with sessions I've seen as well as mine and I felt compelled to throw myself into it again.


How were you feeling prior to your session?

The last session I did, I felt sexy and powerful. Nichole made me grasp another layer of my self confidence. I felt appealing and feminine in my skin


Describe your experience

Both sessions I've done included hair and makeup and a lot of laughter and good conversation even before the camera came out. The make up and hair were done by two [different] amazing artists. They hit my looks almost to the "T". I was comfortable going into the session. It was a great atmosphere and very comfortable, even when wearing very little.

The session was exciting and sexy. I trusted Nichole and her vision for my shoot. She made getting into some very uncomfortable positions very fun and I could feel my sex appeal rise to the occasion.

How did you feel about yourself after your session?

After both my sessions I felt like a friggin' model. There is nothing more sexy about getting undressed and barring all to a camera and feeling completely comfortable. Knowing that vulnerability transformed into strength and power and a rise in self confidence.


What advise would you give to a friend considering a session?

I would tell any woman of any size, shape, color, personality, to drop all inhibition and be who you've always longed to be. If you have always wanted to be a centerfold, stare down your self doubt and strut your sexy little self. If you want to be sassy, classy, enticing, naughty, playful or anything that you strive to be secretly... Be outward with it and let that she wolf right out.

Don't allow anything to hold you back. The studio is truly a judgement free zone without the treadmill.


How was working with Nichole and the stylist?

Both stylists I've had, have been amazing. I've had such a great time with all the ladies I've met. I felt as though I've known them and they were my girls.

Would you consider doing another session?

I would love doing another session. There are always things you think of afterward that you may want to try.

Anything else you would like to add?

These sessions really made a positive impact in my life. I've sent several people in to do sessions and I would send hundreds more.

To book your own session and to receive more info, email nicholegoldworthy@gmail.com

Studio is located in Barrington, New Hampshire next door to Calef's Country Store and across from The Christmas Dove.

Do I travel? Absolutely! I highly recommend getting a few girlfriends together to do a boudoir session.


Note: Some images are NSFW

A new thing happened recently. The studio got a new shower scene! You don't even have to get wet in this mock set-up. A recent session highlights just a few of the "outfit" ideas. My client started her session in a swimsuit, then a white tank top, and then nudes. You can wear all those ideas or just the ones you are most comfortable in.