Boudoir Session for "A.G" { New Hampshire}

What made you decide to book a session?

I decided to apply because of the self esteem boost I got after my first reconstruction after breast cancer (Scar Project photos) and I hope it inspires other cancer patients/survivors to pamper themselves because we are all beautiful no matter how many scars or missing parts we have.


How were you feeling prior to your session?

PUMPED! I love to be pampered because I don't take the time to do it myself - and I knew it would be fun "playing" model and especially in sexy lingerie. I have had a love/hate relationship with my body having had several breast surgeries but through photography I see myself in a different way.


Describe your experience

Liberating! I've had a lot of clinical disrobing and becoming less modest at my appointments (my boobs are mostly fakers now and I don't feel shy any more at this point) I loved collaborating with Nichole and trying on different types of sexy things that I wouldn't normally pick for myself.

How did you feel about yourself after your session?
Definitely more confident about how I look as a 45 year old cancer survivin' momma! Birthin' babies ain't no joke, and having back scars and boob scars on top of that can wear you down. Seeing these photos was eye opening again, 11 years after the Scar Project. But this time, instead of my scars being the focus, it was on me as a woman and the power we have and freedom to feel and look sexy. 


What advice would you give to a friend considering a session? 

Be yourself but be open to trying on different never know what you'll like for lingerie or poses! Let your inner freak out!! (Lady on the street but a freak in the bed - thanks Ludacris)

How was working with Nichole and the stylist?

Truly awesome. They are both total professionals but so warm and easy to talk to. I had no trepidation at all. Nichole put on some of my favorite music (90s Hip Hop/rap) and we chatted about various things. The stylist did a fantastic job with my makeup and hair (I'm a curly girl and decided to keep it 'natural') and did natural but eye catching makeup (loved the false eyelashes!!) Nichole again was awesome to collaborate with - we talked over the outfit choices and poses; I suggested a couple of poses with my guitar (one to feature my back scar) and she was very open to doing them! She is very no-pressure to purchase any of the photos (but after you see them you will soooo want to!) She is also very serious not to post anything on social media unless you approve of it. That made me feel extra comfortable since we still live in a 'modest' society where anything revealing could make the PTO shun you (but if they did, would I really want my son in that school?) I'm proud of my body the way it is! Though, I can always pull the cancer card...kidding. Maybe.

Would you consider doing another session?

I definitely would, but next time its going to be a couples shoot!

Anything else you would like to add?

It doesn't matter what shape, size, scars, no scars, tattoos, piercings etc you have - do it for YOU!!! You will feel super sexy and not weird in a Hustler/Playboy kind of way. I don't feel objectified since I CHOSE to do this shoot. These photos are for you - go for it!!