Boudoir Maternity Shoot in New Hampshire

What made you decide to book a session? I had previously done a boudoir shoot with another photographer and wasn’t crazy about the experience, I wanted to give it another shot with a different photographer and loved the images that I was seeing on Nichole's "Empowering Women through Photography" FB group. I thought that doing a maternity session would be a good excuse to have another boudoir shoot and am SO HAPPY that I decided to do it!


How were you feeling prior to your session? Anxious (and a little excited)!! As I mentioned in why I decided to book a session, I wasn’t crazy about my first boudoir shoot and hadn’t been super comfortable. This is my first pregnancy and it’s taken me some time to adjust to loving my changing body. In the couple of weeks leading up to my shoot, I was really bumming about the size of my legs and hips and began to worry about how they’d look in photographs. Ultimately, my anxiety went away moments after arriving at the studio and meeting Nichole and Kristin.


Describe your experience When I arrived, Nicole and Kristin made me feel super welcome and comfortable. The majority of the time at the studio is spent getting dolled up (which I love and don’t get to do often!). While Kristin made me feel beautiful, Nichole went through my outfits to put some ideas together and ran some suggestions by me as she did so. After being “beautified,” Nicole and I went through the outfits and started shooting! I am generally a very smiley person and don’t love photos of myself looking serious (it just doesn’t feel or look like “me”). Nichole let me smile and giggle (which I did a lot of!) and that made me so much more comfortable. Nichole does a great job of describing/demonstrating poses before asking you to do them and she has good prompts to assist you as she’s photographing. She also sporadically shares little sneak peeks of photos on her camera to give you an idea of how they are turning out. Before wrapping up, she asked if there was anything that I wanted to do that she hadn’t suggested - there wasn’t, but it was nice that she asked in case there was a pose that I might’ve wanted to try :)


How did you feel about yourself after your session? Beautiful! Strong! So excited to see the photos!

What advice would you give to a friend considering a session? Just do it! Definitely try on the outfits you plan to bring beforehand and make sure you feel comfortable in them.

How was working with Nichole and the stylist? Amazing! Both Nichole and Kristin are super personable and welcoming. I generally don’t wear a lot of make-up and Kristin did a great job making me feel beautiful without feeling like makeup was totally caked on my face. Nichole is so kind, complimentary, and silly - she really makes the session enjoyable.

Would you consider doing another session? 100% YES!

Anything else you would like to add? If you’re on the fence, reach out to Nichole!!! She is super responsive and provides you with inspiration and ideas. I highly recommend booking a session for yourself (or your significant other, if you so choose!). My first boudoir was a gift for my husband, and while this maternity shoot will be a surprise for him as well, I really did it for ME and it was soooo worth it!


As you can see, this boudoir session came out soooo beautifully! I can’t wait for more maternity sessions this year! Be sure to reach out to me soon so that we can book during the weeks of 28 and 32 of your pregnancy.

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